• Durability

    At BuildXProjeX we only use bricks with strong load bearing quality, compliant with the Australian Standards. This strong, long lasting building material stands up against fluctuating and extreme weather conditions as well as ageing. Brick built homes are known to last for decades of years as bricks do not rot, dent or fade, giving your home or building a longer life.

  • Fire and wind protection

    Clay, a non-inflammable material, is the primary element in bricks. This means that bricks offer more protection against fires. According to previously conducted studies, it has been proven that brick homes provide more protection from wind-blown debris than homes built from other materials.

  • Maintenance

    In comparison with lighter weight materials, bricks are essentially maintenance free. They do not require paint or other treatments in order to be maintained. Due to their durable nature, they will remain strong, reliable and good looking even after 50 years!

  • Energy-efficient

    Bricks act as a natural insulator, taking longer to warm up in summer, and longer to cool down in winter. This element not only brings comfort to your home in fluctuating weather conditions, but also relieves your heating and cooling systems, thus saving on your energy bills.

  • Style and design

    As no two bricks are alike, this gives your home a unique character to show off. Choosing from a range of colours and designs gives your home that impressive contrast in colour suitable in any setting. Depending on your personal taste, you could give your home that traditional, vintage elegance or that futuristic, state of the art design.

  • Value

    Bricks structures, like siding, increase the value of your home or building. If you plan on selling in the future, brick homes will add more value due to their strong and reliability over a prolonged period of times.